Westren Union Payment Problem In Adsense | Your Payout Amount | Bug

Westren Union Payment Problem In Adsense | Your Payout Amount | Bug

Welcome back guys! I think every blogger and Youtuber listen a bad news about Westren Union Payment method in Adsense some says western union payment method now closed you wouldn’t get payment from Adsense via Adsense this is very bad news!

Please Note: I Will Give You Proof This Is A Bug!

Friend if you are sea this message in Adsense Account “Your payout ammount is more than your chosen form of payment can accept in your country. to continue getting paid, please chosen a new payment method ” So don’t worry about that this a bug I will give you about that is a bug

Guys we are facing this problem in Pakistan some people and some Youtubers saying western union payment closed in Pakistan this is not true and this is not also official news because people from other countries facing this problem in Adsense also

This Is Bug Or Not ?

Friends this is a bug 100% ! why I’m saying that this a bug ? I tell you whole story stay here ! Friends tomorrow I verify my Adsense I have chosen Western Union payment method today few hours ago now I check my AdSense account and go to payment and then view Transactions I see this message “Automatic payment pending: Western Union for..” its mean Western Union payment method not end this is only bug ! you just wait and be relaxed I will share screen shot below of my payment

Westren Union Payment Problem In Adsense | Your Payout Amount

Friend you are thinking about that screen shot this fake or not so don’t worry I will create live video about and I will post here ! friends after that your all confusion will be clear so friends share this post with your friends thanks and one thing more I’m uploading video of this on my channel please visit my channel and subscribe it I will upload video soon !

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