How To Make Smart School Website | Earn $500 In A Hour

Friends you want to create smart school website if your answer yes then you are in right place because today I Will tell you how to create smart school website I will share with you very easy method for creating smart school website


Friends you must have these things for creating smart school website

Friends if you don’t hosting ,domain o script you can buy hosting ,domain and script and you can also use free hosting, domain and script if you want to use free hosting and domain then search it on Google and you can also free download smart school script by search in google

Make Smart School Website

Friends after completing everything like hosting,domain and script follow these steps for creating smart school website and friends if you face any problem about that then please comment here we will reply soon and I have create video tutorial of creating smart school website but this tutorial in Urdu and Hindi

Make Smart School Website Video Tutorial

Follow These Simple Steps

  1. Login to hosing cpanel
  2. Go to file manager
  3. Select domain root folder
  4. Now click on upload button
  5. Upload smart school script
  6. Then Unzip script in domain root folder
  7. Then create database & database user
  8. Then open you website installation page will open
  9. Now enter database details and admin details
  10. Now login to admin panel and customize it 

Friends these are simple steps to creating smart school website and friends you can create this website for other people and earn money from this project so friends if you like this post then please like and share our post thanks